Pre-Built PCs for every budget

Remove the hassle of deciding each and every component, the selection offered below is good for any budget.

We keep this section updated each year and whenever a new product is released that fits within the budget of each.

Unlike other companies, we do not build computers that aren’t fit for function at each price range. We pride ourselves on the quality of our recommendations and the machines we build for you.

We will also build these computers for you if you wish to buy the components yourself and bring them to us for the same Build Fee regardless of the machine at £50!

~£300 Build

For gamers, students who are headed back to school, or for a first pc, this pc can be built for roughly £300 in components which is an absolute bargain.

Although there is no dedicated Graphics Unit in this machine, it will still perform wonderfully for most games at 1080p resolution on lower-to-medium settings.

This will allow you to have a perfectly capable machine at a ridiculously low price point that can still be upgraded in the future!

~£500 Build

A generational increase on the ~£300 build, this build uses a newer generation CPU with double the RAM, but still no dedicated GPU as it will have the powerful Radeon integrated graphics.

When products are on offer, this build can also come significantly down in price!

~£800 Build

Coupling everything from the ~£500 with a dedicated GPU in the form of the entry-level Nvidia RTX 3060, this machine will tackle any task the average up to enthusiast user can throw at it.