Webster Spectrum

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Our Services

Web Development

Our web development service is obviously professional. You’re on our website right now and can see for yourself!

For more information just head to the web development page!

App Development

We can develop apps for both Android and iOS, for casework and a discussion about what kind of app you need, just contact us!

Smart Home Systems

Unlike other providers of smart home systems, we use every single thing we recommend to you or provide to you. At a fraction of the cost of other Smart Home providers, our systems are designed to fit in with your current home setup!

Business Services

We provide a range of services specifically tailored to businesses. From PBX (phone branch exchange) systems to digital signage.

At every step of the way, the actual devices and software used is fully owned by you as the business!

Custom PC's

Need a PC that isn’t a low performance, high cost off the shelf option?

Look no further than our professional PC builders!

We all build our own computers for our own use and we bring this passion to building yours for you!

Laptop & PC Repair

Your 4 year old knocked your laptop off the table and smashed the screen?

Or has your teenager kicked their tower pc and now it won’t turn on?

Look no further than our repair specialists to fix any issue at hand!


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